Freelance Veterinary

23010 Albosaggia, Italien

Einleitung / Über mich

I am a veterinarian graduated in Italy. After graduation I worked for almost eight years as Freelance Veterinarian under contract in control and eradication campaigns against Tuberculosis, Brucellosis and Leucosis for the Italian Government in Northern Italy (Valle d’Aosta Region). During the same period, for almost three years I have also been in charge for veterinary assistance for large animals. From 1998, I began to work with NGOs in Developing Countries, mostly but not entirely in East Africa. Since then, I alternate periods of staying in Italy, with others mission’s assignment overseas.

Berufserfahrung / Ausbildung

Apart from my experience in Italy in TB, BRC, and LBE eradication campaigns, and limited experience in cattle care, my other professional experiences have been in the field of cooperation with underdeveloped countries or countries in emergency for various reasons (drought, wars, etc.).Most of my employments abroad have been in the semi-arid and arid agro-pastoral environment within the Horn of Africa, but not exclusively. For a short period (15 months) I also worked in the U.K. first as a meat inspector and then after taking the course at Bristol University, I began to work as OVS. I’ve mainly worked in red and white meat cutting plants, and sometimes in red meat slaughterhouses. At the beginning of my career I also worked for four months as appointed Border Veterinary Officer (Vet.Coadjutor) at the italy-france border


Apart from my involvment in the eradication campaigns for TB, BRC and LBE in Italy, the rest of my experience has been in underdeveloped countries with the scope to ameliorate the health of animals through better animal husbandry, vaccination campaigns, treatment of internal and external parasites so as to enhance the survival and productivity, My working experience for NGOs and on one occasion for an UN agency, has always been related to project management and coordination, with the aim to improve food security and resilience capacity against worsening conditions.

Notizen / Anmerkungen

I have a fair level of English and am studying French. I wouldn't mind working in the public health sector (TB,BRC etc.) as I have already done in Italy, or maybe even in the animal export sector or as a border veterinarian.